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4 Reasons Why Sutherland Shire Painters Choose Crockers Paint & Wallpaper

Sutherland Shire just wouldn’t work without its tradies and at Crockers we are obsessed with our quest to make tradies’ lives easy like Sunday morning. Are you a local Sutherland Shire painter looking for a go-to paint, wallpaper, and decorating specialist? 

Well, you can stop Googling. Be it fast service, colour accuracy, specialist knowledge,  highest quality products to humour on a hard day – Crockers is your conveniently located one stop shop. Why do so many painters want to tack us onto their toolbelt? Keep reading to find out! In this blog we share the top 4 reasons Sutherland Shire painters choose Crockers.

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper location: 1/206 Box Road MIRANDA (next door to Hungry Jacks)

1. We Save You Time And Money

So many tradies we know are overworked and time poor. We understand that time is money.Your money! There are only so many hours in a day. We’re here to help you pack as much into them as you can.

We give you priority service. Time in our store means time off the tools and that adds up to lots of money coming out of your pockets over the years! Our team will take your order early or get it ready the day before so you can zoom right in and out in no time. OR if you want us to deliver that’s no problem! Just give us a call and we will have your paint delivered directly to you on site! . Our convenient location and operating hours mean you have us on the ready 10 hours a day from 7.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday and we’re open 8.00am-4.00pm on Saturday’s. 

"Fast, Personalized Service from a Family-Run Business You Can Trust"

 "Crockers, a family-run Australian business, feels like an extended part of my own team. The staff, from Muz, Tracey, Shaun to Nerida, are not only incredibly friendly but are also experts in their products. When I need my paints quickly, I can trust Crockers for prompt service. They even offer delivery! It's a seamless, efficient process that takes away the usual hassles. I can't recommend them enough, whether you're a seasoned painter or a DIY enthusiast seeking painting advice." | Scott (Brushworks Painting Solutions)
2. We Are Happy To Help You With Product Knowledge

When it comes to customer service, Crockers are your go to! Other than a bonza BBQ (ask us about our Painters & Tradies BBQ’s or get togethers for proof!), there is nothing we love more than helping you keep your clients happy. If you have a question, we research it and will answer it quickly. Anything to help you protect that time of yours! We are always happy to help our tradies and home improvement heroes. And that is why when you come to Crockers you’ll always be greeted with a smile – a real smile – because we really love what we do. 

As third generation paint and decorating specialists, you’re not only guaranteed a happy approach, but a high quality, helpful and honest one too. We promise to mix your colours accurately and if we mess up, we will fix it no questions asked. Our company promise is that no one will walk away without value. We will offer you specialised advice and expert run skills training and workshops and let you know when we have interesting and new products that will make your work easier. As a Crockers trade customer you also have direct contact with our team via our mobiles at any time too!

"Experience Exceptional Responsiveness and Unmatched Problem-Solving Support"

 "Crockers consistently delivers exemplary service - their responsiveness and readiness are a breath of fresh air, especially when compared to the weeks-long wait I've experienced with other well known paint companies. With Crockers, if something goes awry, they're eager to understand the situation and immediately jump into action to support me. Their commitment to problem-solving is truly unparalleled." Chris | Chrisso’s Painting

"Locally Rooted, Unparalleled Expertise in Colour Matching and Convenience at Your Fingertips"

 "Choosing Crockers Paint was about supporting a local, family-owned business, and convenience. Being just two suburbs away, I can easily pop into the store multiple times in a day if necessary. The level of service Crockers provides, especially when it comes to tasks like colour matching, is extraordinary. Their unmatched expertise ensures I get the right colour under the correct lighting conditions, making every paint job I undertake a success." Jason (J’s Painting)

3. We Are Authentically Aussie And Back The Quality Australian Haymes Paint Brand

Crockers has been an Australian family run business for over 65 years. From humble beginnings in Sydney’s west, our story starts in the 1950s with a man called Alf Hayes. Alf was a true-blue Aussie bloke (as Aussie as Alf Stewart some say) and passionate about one thing – paint. We’re big on backing Aussie brands. Nothing is more important to us than supporting Australian owned products. What does that mean for you? Not only can you feel proud to get behind hard working Australian businesses by purchasing from Crockers, but you as a Sutherland Shire painter also have a level of assurance around quality, manufacturing standards, and ethical practices. Win win right?

When it comes to giving your clients 5-star results, you need 5-star products. Haymes Paint have the best paint and you can prove this by checking out their 5 x Canstar Blue wins over the last five years! We can get you the trade account with all of the added value Haymes Paint offers. Sharp prices, quality paint and personlised service via Crockers & Haymes

"Access the Finest Australian Paints and Enjoy a Broad Product Range"

"With 45 years as a painter, my loyalty has remained with Crockers Paint for a decade now. They offer Haymes Paint, the finest in Australia, and as a 100% family-owned Australian business, they're a company I am proud to support. Crockers provides a varied product range, unmatched by manufacturer-tied sellers like the larger known paint brands. Coupled with their welcoming staff and excellent pricing, every interaction with them is a pleasure." | Sandy (AM Fawns Painting & Wallpapering)

4.We Have Great Pricing On Quality Products With Loyalty Points

Not many families can honestly say that they have what it takes to run a successful business. We can, but our journey has not been for the faint hearted. We understand that running a family business is tougher than it seems. We love saving our tradies money to help their business and dreams thrive. We offer bulk deals on your favourite accessories (brushes, fillers, paint rollers, and frames etc). You’ll also enjoy bulk paint prices on bulk orders, free sample products, and loyalty points on cash sales that convert to cash off your purchases.

Here Is More of What Our Painters Say About Us: 

"Say Goodbye to Red Tape and Frustration - Enjoy Quick, Personalized Service Tailored to Your Needs"

 "My switch to Crockers was motivated by their impeccable service and efficiency, particularly compared to the frustrating experiences I had with other major paint sellers. Crockers eliminates the red tape and the indecision. They know me by name and they get things right, swiftly. It's a refreshing, personalised experience where my needs for accurate colours and speedy service are not only met, but exceeded." Lloyd (Fresh Again Painting)

We Are Happy, Helpful & Honest!

At Crocker’s we exist to add value and colour to people’s homes.  We’re proud to be a multi-award-winning brand, and will offer unrivalled knowledgeable fast service, colour accuracy, delivery and competitively priced top-quality products. So if you’re a local painter, visit us in store today so we can get you signed up with a trade account.

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