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How To Make Faded And Worn Stencilled Concrete Driveways Look New Again

How To Make Faded and Worn Stencilled Concrete look New Again! Watch Video here
Do you have a driveway that has had the faux concrete stenciling done and now it’s looking faded and patchy with bits of bare concrete appearing?
It’s possible to bring it back to life by using a concrete sealer with a colour pack additive.

This driveway was showing heavy signs of fading and the areas between each brick shape were mouldy and dirty.

Worn and faded with dirt and mould

It was cleaned with a pressure washer to remove as much of the black build up and then allowed to dry. If the mould is bad use an out door cleaner like 30 Seconds or Mould Destroyer first and then hose down. Use a stiff scrubbing brush on a pole to help lift the stubborn dirt and grime. Once the area is dry you can start. You add one litre of chosen colour to a 20lt drum of Acrylmeric Concrete Sealer and make sure to stir it regularly.


Work in sections if you have to for larger areas and apply with a roller no less than a 15mm pile.

Two coats is best for even application of colour. The finish will give you a slight sheen or wet look.

It is possible to use a non slip additive with this product however we do not recommend for steep areas. Please come in so we can discuss your needs for non slip finishes.


Please note that the white lines between each brick shape will disappear as you will be covering the whole surface with the coloured sealer. This sealer is available in 9 colours so please call in to see the colour range! You can also use it as a clear finish for maintenance OR if you want to change the colours scheme in years to come you can do that too!


For the border colour we used a water based paving paint in your chosen colour and masked the edges to keep the line sharp. Ask us what masking tape is suitable for this.


Let’s get DIYing or if you want a tradie to do it for you we can organise this too! Either way we can help you get it happening and get the driveway looking smart again. After all, it’s the entry and invitation to your home or business so why not make it look the goods this year!

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