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The Ultimate Guide to Dust Free Sanding With Mirka


Mirka Sanding Solutions | Dustless For a healthier Environment

Why Use Mirka Dust Free Sanding?

Mirka offers complete sanding systems and dust-free extractors that make for healthier working environments. In this blog post, we'll speak about the reasons why Mirka is the top choice for those who prioritise dust-free solutions, reliability, and versatility in their sanding processes.

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  • Dust-Free Solutions for Healthier Working Conditions:

The Mirka Dust Extractor ensures that you are able to sand in enclosed areas both interior and exterior and stay dust free and clean! This ensures that the surrounding areas (and workers) are kept dust free. What does this mean? It means that apart from being in a healthier working environment, clean up at the end of your work day is much faster and surrounding surfaces are kept free from floating dust particles.

  • Reliability and Guarantee:

 With less issues than other brands, Mirka's complete sanding systems and dust-free extractors come with a 2-year warranty, plus an additional 1-year warranty, giving users peace of mind and confidence. 

  • Powerful and Lightweight:

Mirka sanders are powerful but easy to manage with lower vibration, which means you can work longer and without fatigue.

  • Versatile Equipment for Smaller Areas:

 The flexibility of Mirka's Deros sanders  makes it ideal for working in smaller areas where angles get a bit tight! Whether you're refinishing furniture, working on intricate details and on an angle, or tackling tight corners, Mirka has the sander suitable for these areas.

  • Longer Lasting Abrasives using Dust Extractors:

 By using the dust extractors you are continuously vacuuming dust during the sanding process. This ensures that the Abranet abrasives stay cleaner for longer. This not only improves the quality of the finish and prevention of dust pill formation and clogging, but also reduces the frequency of abrasive replacements, ultimately saving users time and money.

  • Higher Productivity and Time Savings:

Mirka's complete sanding systems contribute to higher productivity by keeping preparation time lower and the dust-free extraction eliminates the need for time-consuming cleanup, allowing operators to focus on the task at hand. With preparation and sanding times halved, professionals can take on more projects, boosting overall efficiency and saving valuable time and resources.

  • Quality Customer Service and Hassle-Free Repairs:

It's with piece of mind that you can rely on Mirka to get your unit serviced or repaired with minimal downtime. With a network of qualified repair centres, Mirka ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, for professionals who rely this  equipment daily. Replacement parts are readily available and if your unit is out of warranty, repairs can be quoted and efficiently repaired. Pick up of your unit can even be organised from our store, so if you strike a problem, be sure to give our team a call. 

  • Summary:

Buy buying Mirka, you can't go wrong! If a DEMO is what you need to see the products in action, please call in to discuss organising this with our team! Work smarter, not harder and stay cleaner and healthier every day!


 As an added incentive, it's worth noting that a $1000 government rebate applies when you invest in the Mirka M Class Extractor. This special rebate further underscores the commitment of Mirka to making their state-of-the-art dust-free extraction systems even more accessible to professionals. Call us and book a DEMO today!

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