Timber Merbau Deck With Cutek Extreme CD50 Applied

Revitalise Your Timber: A Comprehensive Guide to Oiling Your Timber Decking With Cutek

Is your timber losing its lustre? Is it grey and weathered? Is the stain wearing off in sections? Or do you have a new timber deck like this one to stain or oil? 


Fear not! At Crockers Paint & Wallpaper, we've got the perfect solution to breathe new life into your wood surfaces. Follow these simple steps for a timber transformation that adds both beauty and value to your home.

  1. Clean with Cutek Restore:

Begin by cleaning your timber with Cutek Restore. This powerful formula effectively removes dirt, grime, and oils & tannins, preparing the surface for the next steps.

  1. Rinse Well and Allow to Dry:

After applying Cutek Restore, make sure to thoroughly rinse the timber. Allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next stage. This ensures a clean and receptive surface for the upcoming treatment.

  1. Apply Cutek Extreme CD 50:

Our secret weapon for timber restoration is Cutek Extreme CD 50. Apply this protective coating in thin coats using a wide deck brush, as demonstrated in our instructional video. This step is crucial for safeguarding your timber, penetrating deep into the grain for long-lasting protection.

  1. Ideal for Railings Too:

Don't stop at decking—Cutek Extreme CD 50 is also perfect for railings. Extend the beauty and protection to every inch of your exterior timber surfaces.

  1. Maintain for Longevity:

With proper maintenance, your timber can last for many years, adding thousands of dollars in value to your home. Follow our recommended steps and consider joining our FREE Timber Care program when you purchase your timber care products with us.


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