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How To Use a 2 Pack Water Based Epoxy Paint - Haymes Ultimate Epoxy Paving/Floor Paint

Haymes Ultimate Water Based Epoxy. How To Use a Water Based Epoxy Paving Paint. One of the easiest epoxy paints to use is this one! Haymes Ultimate Water Based Epoxy is the toughest you will get for all sorts of areas. Watch video here
We show it to you here on our forklift parking spot and porch area at our store. We coated it originally 6 years ago.
We gave it a recoat because we wanted to do a bit more training and it was getting dirty and with a few unfortunate paint spills we had happen. (Yes we spill paint too!)
Although the surface was still sound and had no bare patches, it needed a good sand and wash down. The product is self priming, but over previously painted surfaces you need to sand it like Muz did here.
We used a pole sander which was adequate for this job. Some previously painted areas should have an electric sander or a diamond grinder to etch up the surface eg a high gloss or a solvent based epoxy...yes you can go over other two pack products (ask us in store about your project) Or if it’s on new concrete you need to acid etch the surface.

Preparation is super important for good adhesion. Then once it’s dry apply the first coat using a tech cover and cut in with the brush. We applied one coat on Day 1 and then our second coat on Day 2. You can walk on in 4-6 hours and drive on once it’s fully cured (7 days..longer in winter).
You can do two coats in one day in warmer conditions. See data info in store and ask our advice.

Mixing must be done with a drill mixer. NO HAND STIRRING. This is vital and must be done to make sure both parts are mixed to the specifications.

Where To Use: Paving, driveways, floors, walls Interior and Exterior Cool Rooms, Garages, Workshops, Benchtops, Entertainment venues, Veterinary clinics, Hospitals, Aircraft Hangers, Food Preparation Areas, plus more!!
Advantages: Water based, low odour Hard and durable Gloss or Satin in Finish Has two grades of non slip additives for domestic and commercial uses
Available in most colours
Will go over other two pack solvent based epoxies
Easy Cleanup
Fast Drying
5-7 Year Guarantee
Steps To Take: On new areas eg unpainted concrete: Acid Etching first
On previously painted areas: Sanding and cleaning first. Ask our team
Drill mix parts A and B separately.
Clean the drill mixer in between in water
Mix A and B together by drill mixing. Mix only enough product that you can apply within an hour. There is a one hour pot life once parts A and B are mixed together. Refer to specs in store.
Our team will advise
After application clean all equipment in water
Wait 4-6 hours before walking on. Refer to guides re recoat times and curing times before allowing heavy machinery or vehicles on.
Ask our team about this great product. It’s suitable for trades and DIY!

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