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How To Use A Sealer Like Wonderseal On Tiles or Paving

What are some of the problems you face when you have outdoor tiles or paved areas? Watch Video Here 

Knowing how to keep them free of grime, mildew and mould?

Knowing how to keep the natural appearance of them without changing the colour?

Keeping them clean and having them repel water, stains and oils?
Here we show you what you can achieve when you use a penetrating clear sealer like Wonderseal. 
These tiles are new, so we didn’t need to clean these first. But if you have a mouldy area you can use an exterior mould remover and then pressure wash it down first. Once it is dry you can then apply a sealer like this one!

So steps to take:

  • Clean all grime from surface to be sealed
  • Make sure the surface is dry
  • Apply by brush, roller or pump action spray
  • Re apply second coat after about 30min 

NB Please check with us in store about what types of tiles you can seal. Some glazed or ceramic tiles are unsuitable for sealers. The tile in this clip is stone so sealers will soak in to this type.

WonderSeal™ is a deep penetrating sealer that has been designed specifically to protect treated surfaces from destructive water ingress while allowing the surface to 'breathe' the way nature intended.

 So call in and see us! Get outdoors and refresh those areas that need a clean. It’s easy to use and works!

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