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If You Have a Weathered Timber Surface, Don't Put Oils Straight Over It! Do This First...

How To Get Your Decking Products To Last Longer!

Staining Decks can be simple but knowing what to apply and when can make ALL the difference. Watch Video Here

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Oil based stains or oils penetrate into the timbers but don’t last long on highly exposed exterior surfaces unless highly pigmented (coloured).
Water based stains generally sit on top and form a UV film which lasts longer on exposed exterior timber. The more colour or pigment the better the UV protection.

Most people these days are purchasing top quality hardwoods like Merbau, Tallowood, Spotted Gum or Indonesian Hardwoods. These all look great in their natural state if maintained correctly and regularly.

You pay a lot for these beauties and it doesn’t need to cost much to maintain if you have the correct preparation advice.
Procedures in allowing timber pores to open are imperative for the maximum performance of any top coat.

Merbau and Spotted Gum need special attention prior to applying coatings. Merbau needing tannins removed and Spotted Gum needs the grain to open. The weathering process is essential. This relates to Treated Pine as well.

Certain tannin removal products can be applied to exacerbate the weathering process and this allows good penetration of the stain or oil. We sell Rapid Prep by Haymes. Spotted Gum is one of the harder timbers and so extra work or weathering is needed prior to stain application. The further the stain can soak in, the longer your surface will last in between coats.


Splash some water onto the surface. Beading of water in little puddles means oils and tannins are still present. DO NOT STAIN. Once the water soaks into the timber then you are good to go.
Sometimes you will see your timber decking go grey or faded, or the colour will appear uneven during the weathering process. That beautiful newly laid timber deck will be looking old. Don’t worry! All you need to do is use a wood cleaner like Haymes Woodclean and this will brighten the timber again and once you apply the stain or oil, you will see all of it’s natural colour and grain come back.

We recommend 2-3 coats of any wood stain. We sell both oil and water based stains and will often recommend one over the other depending on your project and budget. Application is usually with a lambswool applicator or brush on a pole.

Remember that a poorly prepared or unclean timber surfaces will compromise performance of ANY top coat applied. Timber means maintenance so be careful not to neglect your exterior timbers for too long. Keep maintenance simple and regular and your timber will look beautiful for many years to come.

Crockers are a Haymes Trade Depot and timber care specialists and have all of your painting needs. We also can deliver and you can buy online. 

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