Collection: All House Paint Finishes

All House Paint Finishes

Collection: All House Paint Finishes

All House Paint Finishes

For a flawless finish, colour your world with our premium selection of high-end house paint finishes and brands, such as the Australian-made award winning Haymes Paint, and our very own family made Krysler House Paint.

We have many of the best house paint brands in our store and online

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper sell quality house paint brands and most of these are made in Australia and are from Australian Owned companies. 

Here are a selection of the best house paint brands that boast the best house paint finishes that we recommend:

Haymes Paint is Australian Family Owned & Operated

Norglass Specialty Paints specialises in paint for marine uses and house paint finishes. Also Australian Owned and Operated

Colormaker Industries is Australian Family Owned and Operated

Here are a few of our popular house painting FAQ's:

  1. Q: How do I know if I have water based paint already on the surface?
    A:  Rub the surface with methylated spirits. If some of the paint colour comes of onto the cloth then it's most likely water based. If it doesn't appear to remove any then it is most likely an oil based enamel.
  2. Q: How much paint do I need to paint a small bedroom?
    A:  As a rough guide, most acrylic interior wall paints will cover about 12 square metres per litre, but always check the manufacturers label. If you work on around 4lt's of wall paint per average sized room for two coats you will go close to getting it right! Remember to calculate enough paint for two coats. The  paint calculator on our site can also help you to estimate how much paint you may need to paint other rooms.
  3. Q: I have chosen a bright colour to paint my interior walls with. Will I need a tinted undercoat?
    A:  Because strong colours are tinted from a Clear or an Accent Base, the opacity of the finish comes mainly from the tinters. Some tinters, especially the yellows and reds, do not have the opacity to provide good coverage, regardless of the brand of the product or the tinter. A grey undercoat underneath helps these colours to have an even finish and to provide a solid colour. Sometimes certain colours will work over existing similar colours, however to avoid needing excess coats we will suggest when it will be best to apply the tinted undercoat. This is usually discussed once you have made your colour choice.
  4. Q: How do I know what roller cover to use?
    A:  Generally, short nap rollers such as a 5 or 6mm nap are designed for gloss paints and longer nap rollers are used for flatter finishes. The shorter the nap, the smoother the finish is going to be which is ideal for a gloss paint. Low sheen or flat paint requires a longer nap on the roller such as an 12mm or higher to provide a high enough film build. Crockers have a large range and we will recommend one to suit your needs.
  5. Q: What is the best temperature to paint a house?A: The best temperature to paint in is at 25 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 50% or less. This gives the paint the best chance to dry within the times generally mentioned on the paint can. Always check the touch dry time and the recoat time on the tin's instructions, and consider the temperature at the time of painting.  
  6. Q: What is the best interior house paint?
    A: The answer to this is very wide and subject to opinion. However, Haymes Paint are Canstar award winners for their Haymes Ultra Premium Expressions Low Sheen for many years now! And we are proud supporters of Haymes Paint and you can purchase all of their products here at Crockers!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

Some wallpapers are made for painting over and others should be removed prior to painting. If wallpaper will not come off the wall and is not lifting at the seams, and in good condition, we would suggest sanding the wall first and applying an undercoat to assist adhesion. Using an undercoat first will also cover the colour. You can then apply your chosen wall paint. If in doubt, ask us.

Can I Paint Over Tiles?

Yes you can but with the correct products and with proper preparation. We would suggest speaking with our team about the steps to take and the products to use. Adhesion of the undercoats are imperative for a succesful result. Ask us!

How Do I Check If I Have Water Based or Oil Based Paint On My Surfaces?

Grab some Methylated Spirits (Metho) and using a clean cloth, wet the cloth with metho and rub the surface. If you can rub some of the paint off that means it's water based. If you can't then it means it is oil based. If you can't get a result, then as our Crocker's saying goes: "When in doubt, undercoat it!"

Do I Need To Clean Mould Off Before I paint?

Yes you do. Mould is unhealthy for the paint and for us humans as well so it must go! Bleach can whiten the surface but it doesn't kill mould spores. We will recommend a mould killer that will kill the mould overnight. The mould can then be removed by rinsing. If mould stains are still present we might suggest you undercoat with an oil based undercoat before applying your top coat. Bring in some photos and ask us!