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How to make the most out of your bamboo fencing

How to make the most out of your bamboo fencing

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Bamboo fencing is a great option for your outdoor and exterior space at home. It’s a natural material, making it desirable for those looking to add a sustainable touch to their home. 

Bamboo fencing is minimal maintenance, requires low-cost upkeep and is easy to protect from weather conditions. Bamboo is very popular for those wanting to add a resort appeal to their home. With a few touches of bamboo, you can transform your outdoor space into a lush destination.


Bamboo fencing can add a natural wooden look to your home and works perfectly as pool or spa fencing, verandas, shade screens, wall cladding and more. Bamboo is considered a “grass” and because it grows abundantly it is a relatively cost-effective fencing option. 

Bamboo is super versatile, which contributes to its high popularity with homeowners, interior designers and contractors. Bamboo tends to offer a refreshing, all-natural, welcoming vibe to a property.

Its fence panels and screens usually come in several different heights and shades of colour, so you can pick and choose your ideal bamboo fencing look and find the best solution for your outdoor area. Bamboo fencing is generally smoked in South East Asian countries and when first imported, it has a beautiful deep teaky colour which eventually fades as it settles and weathers.

Bamboo fencing


When bamboo fencing is first installed it is best to let it settle for 6-8 weeks so it can get used to the weather conditions. During this time it will fade to half of its original colour. 

Natural weathering signs that will signify that it is time to restore your bamboo fence are things like mould or discolouration. General maintenance for a bamboo fence involves cleaning and staining the bamboo. The goal of staining bamboo is to highlight its already natural, unique and beautiful colour and appearance. 

We recommend staining your bamboo fencing approximately every 18-24 months. If there are more exposed areas on your fence, you’ll need to coat these more often, approximately every 12-15 months or when the exposed areas appear to need it. By wiping down the fence surface with a damp cloth, you can ensure it’s clean and ready to be coated before applying a new stain. Wiping down the bamboo will also get rid of any surface wax leftover from manufacturing, allowing the stain to absorb evenly and effectively. 

To make it easier for yourself, you can use a 100 mm fence brush, which will reduce the maintenance time and give your fence the best outcome. We also recommend avoiding varnish on your bamboo fencing, as this is prone to flaking and will eventually create more maintenance for you than you’d otherwise have. 

To get the best result, we recommend applying one coat, letting it dry and then applying a second. This will ensure that your bamboo fencing is fully protected from the weather and all exposed areas are safely covered. 


With proper care and maintenance, your bamboo fence can last you a very long time. A big part of maintaining your bamboo fencing is ensuring that you choose a high-quality, non-toxic and effective stain that will provide your fence with the best possible protection. 

To bring out the best in your bamboo fence and prepare it for the Australian weather, we recommend using Haymes Woodcare Dexpress for staining your exterior timber and bamboo fencing for five simple reasons:

  • It’s a water-based product which means it will dry quickly and isn’t full of nasty chemicals
  • It’s easy to clean off equipment 
  • It leaves a lovely slight sheen on the material, making it look better than brand new
  • It’s tried and tested in Australian conditions FOR Australian conditions
  • It comes in multiple colour choices so you can customise the look of your fence

Before and after of bamboo fence with Haymes Woodcare Dexpress

If you’re after a high-quality, durable and cost-effective fencing option, there’s no better option than bamboo. When well-maintained and properly cleaned and stained, your bamboo fencing can last longer than 20 years!

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