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How To Re-stain Outdoor Timber Furniture

Using a water based wood stain is a great way to get one project completed in a day. Watch the Video Here 

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Always clean timber first and then sand when necessary.

Here at Crockers we can discuss the process with you, and depending on your timber, it's exposure and current condition, will determine what products we will recommend.

After all we want your decorating experience to be as stress free as possible!

We decided to refurbish this outdoor furniture table that was under extreme weather conditions. Firstly we sand it back with an electric sander. And then we used a water-based wood stain and three coats on the exposed areas. 

Steps taken in this video:

  1. Sand back all areas with particular attention to the horizontal and exposed surfaces. We used a dustless electric sander
  2. Remove all dust residue using a damp cloth or towel
  3. Allow to dry. In today's project it was dry in seconds due to the summer conditions
  4. Apply Haymes Dexpress in colour Chocolate using a synthetic bristle brush
  5. Try to stain in cooler hours during summer. This assists flow of stain onto the surface
  6. Allow to dry 2 hours and reapply further coats

NB Water based stains like Haymes Dexpress will often outlast some natural oil based outdoor furniture oils. Take note of the sheen on this project. When you see the sheen levels reduce and the colour fading off, it's time for a recoat!

Haymes Dexpress Wood Stains are tried and tested in far North Queensland and in Ballarat Victoria here in Australia and are made for harsh and extreme weather conditions

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