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Online Wallpaper Calculator For All Wallpapers


The table below is able to be used to calculate the number of rolls for a variety of different styles of wallpaper designs. It is for your use so you can most accurately understand how many rolls you will require. By clicking the above link or image below, the spreadsheet will automatically save to your "Downloads" folder for you to open and use.

Before you start, have the following information ready:

1. Wall width and height that is to be wallpapered in metric

2. Wallpaper roll width and length in metric

3. Wallpaper pattern repeat EG: 64cm straight match, random match, nil etc

Please note that we recommend having your walls measured and quoted by a Crockers recommended wallpaper installer to confirm your roll requirements once your wallpaper design has been selected. The below table is for viewing only. You will need to click above to use the calculator sheet. 

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