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The simple way to transform your kids’ room using paste the wall feature wallpaper

Whether you’re wanting to add some flair to your kids’ space - or they’ve been on their knees begging for a room makeover - there are a lot of benefits to using feature wallpaper instead of completing a full repaint. Watch the transformation here!

From funky patterns and textures, to garden flowers or their favourite animals - feature wallpaper is an awesome solution if you want to redecorate a nursery, bedroom or playroom with styling that can easily be switched out for something else as they grow older. 

Not only that, it’s a great way for your kids to express their personality and create an inviting space for them to uniquely enjoy. 

In any case there are three types of feature wallpaper you can choose from:

  • Unpasted, paste the paper
  • Unpasted, paste the wall 
  • Prepasted wallpaper

If you’ve never installed wallpaper before then the best option to learn is paste the wall wallpaper, given how easy it is to apply and get the hang of!


The paste the wall application is generally used on unpasted, non-woven wallcoverings. At Crockers most feature wallpaper we now sell is unpasted, either being a paste the paper or paste the wall process.

Non-woven wallpapers are on the leading edge of technical development when it comes to wallcoverings as they’re made of mineral and cellulose fibre. In fact most have a high wet-strength meaning they won’t stretch or shrink at the seam, providing a much smoother appearance around the joins. And since they don’t contain any vinyl, they’re even considered environmentally friendly!

Best of all? They’re SO easy to hang! And when it’s time to remove them you can strip them off the wall one sheet at a time.

Tiarne loved picking out the design for her brand new feature wallpaper! 


The key to the best application is proper wall preparation.

Remove any existing feature wallpaper before starting. You’ll want a clean, dry and sound surface to work with, ensuring any imperfections have been repaired and sanded smooth. Giving it a solid once-over with a coat of size - a granulated formula is often recommended under paste the wall wallpaper. 

Wallpaper size like Zinsser Shieldz is a form of sealant which will make sure the paper sticks correctly. It also gives more slip and slide so it’s easier to position during hanging, and protects the wall surface during the stripping process. 

Our team's top tip for ensuring you prepare the right way? 

Discuss the elements of your wall surface with us BEFORE you start hanging your feature wallpaper. Some wall surfaces like concrete or cement render require a certain lining paper to be applied first. This is to eliminate the risk of seams lifting while giving the smoothest and most professional-looking result.

We can help guide you through this step, or we can offer one of our recommended trades to get the job done for you!

Tiarne’s room before the wallpaper transformation. We had to sand and prime the walls for a smoother application.


    The tools you need to hang feature wallpaper depend on the type of paper method you’ve chosen. In your ‘paste the wall’ toolbox you will need: 

    • Sharp scissors or a straight edge and craft knife
    • A pencil
    • Extra strong all-purpose wallpaper paste. We can supply this in powder or ready mixed form
    • Paint roller or pasting brush. A 100mm paint brush will do the job!
    • Soft sponge to clean off excess paste on the wallpaper surface
    • Level or plumb line to achieve a vertical line (currently available in our store)
    • Step ladder or stool


    Step 1

    Measure 50 centimetres from a corner and mark a vertical straight line on the wall to line up your first sheet of paper. Using a roller or brush evenly paste alongside where the first sheet of wallpaper will hang. 

    Don’t skimp on the paste here! You want the pasted area to be slightly wider than the width of the roll AND you want to make sure you apply it in a good, even coat. 

    Remember, you don’t want to paste the entire wall before starting to hang your feature wallpaper otherwise it will dry out.

    Step 2

    Now you’re ready to pick up your roll and go! 

    Slide the paper into position with one edge against your vertical line on the wall. The other edge will wrap around the corner by two centimetres. Smooth it all down with a damp sponge or brush.

    Step 3

    Trim off the excess paper at the top and bottom edges with sharp scissors or a straight edge knife. 

    Repeat all three steps for each strip making sure the pattern matches nicely and the edges are tight together. It really is that simple!


    When adding feature wallpaper to any room you want to be prepared in advance for those tricky areas like corners, powerpoints and window frames. 

    Hanging around corners

    You want to install your feature wallpaper in two parts when it comes to corners. Remember above how we said to wrap a further two centimetres around the corner? 

    Well once you start on the next wall you’ll want to overlap that extra strip of paper by starting again in the corner. You’ll likely need an extra adhesive to help stick better on the overlaps. 

    Hanging around light switches and powerpoints

    First things first, make sure the electricity is turned off at the mains! Then you can paper straight over the top of the fitting.

    Then very carefully (so that you don’t nick the plastic covering) make two diagonal cuts from corner to corner across the fitting. 

    This will create essentially four flaps, which you can crease against the side of the fitting and then trim off with your sharp scissors or knife. 

    Hanging around window and door frames

    Here you want to hang the length of the feature wallpaper so that it overlaps the frame. Ensure the paper on the wall is smoothed down as much as possible. Then make a diagonal cut in the paper to the corner point of the frame. 

    Lift the flaps you’ve just created and carefully paste down the paper into the edges of the frame. Crease and then trim the paper with your sharp scissors or knife. 

    The end result! A brand new bedroom for Tiarne that she’ll cherish for years to come.


    Some people will try to tell you feature wallpaper is a thing of the past. Well, we say they’re completely wrong! Modern wallpaper is as luxe as it is practical these days. 

    Paste the wall wallpaper is particularly versatile considering it’s as easy to remove as it is to hang. In fact, all you need to do when it comes time to change things up is lift up a bottom corner and carefully peel upwards.

    No mess, no fuss!

    If you’re ready to give your kids a room they’ll cherish then come and visit our feature wallpaper collection at Crockers. We’re home to the Sutherland Shire’s largest wallpaper showroom which means you have the pick of the litter when it comes to colour, design and texture.

    Our interior decorating specialists can even walk you through the process step-by-step during one of our complimentary consultations. Or we can suggest one of our Crockers-approved tradies to come and get the job done for you. 

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