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Timber care! Your complete guide to timber maintenance

Timber care! Your complete guide to timber maintenance

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Timber is a common material used in outdoor spaces - think decks, patios, furniture and fencing. Whilst timber is a considerable financial investment up front, with proper timber care, your deck or furniture can provide you with many years of great memories in your backyard.

Like anything in an outdoor space, timber is prone to damage due to the effects of weather, and if not maintained properly, this weathering can lead to more serious problems that will compromise your safety and health. For example, not only can rotting deck timber be a tripping hazard, but spores from mould can also have an adverse effect on your immune system.

With proper timber care and maintenance, you can retain the look and structural integrity of your outdoor timber for years to come. So much so that with the right plan, rain and UV rays will no longer pose a threat to the longevity of your wood. 

With our years of experience at Crockers, we have the expert knowledge and insight into what it takes to properly execute timber care. Before you come and have a chat with us, you first need to determine what condition your timber is in, some questions you can ponder are: 


  • Is the timber brand new? 
  • Is the timber old and weathered? 
  • Are there patchy areas of wear and tear? 
  • Is the timber dry and splitting? 
  • Do you know what has previously been used on timber? 



Property value: 

Your timber deck acts as a natural extension of your home, so to get the most out of it, timber care is required. Your timber fence provides security for your property and if well-maintained can increase the property value and street appeal of your home. Without proper timber care, both decks and fences can actually decrease the value of your home, if it is looking tired and a bit worse for wear then this will draw negative attention from buyers. 

Health and safety

While green growth on decks is an eyesore, it’s also a significant hazard. Rain causes mould, mildew and algae which makes any surface slippery. The presence of mould can also cause serious health issues. If your deck or fence is in bad shape, don’t be discouraged, there are methods and techniques that can restore your timber to its original state. 

Prevention and lifespan 

The number one reason you should perform timber care is to extend its life. For example, thoroughly cleaning your deck before staining it will ensure the results of the stain last longer, therefore reducing maintenance. As mentioned, harsh weather conditions can significantly reduce the quality and longevity of your timber, but with proper timber care you can greatly expand the life of your deck, fence or furniture. 


To keep your timber well maintained, factor in mind the four basic checks; 

  • Check for rot
  • Check for bare and exposed areas 
  • Check for cracks
  • Check the railing and stairs

Now that you are aware of what to look out for when maintaining your timber, you can begin to learn how to care for it.


Weathered timber


Always make sure to inspect your timber every one to two years to identify any signs of weathering. A good sign to determine whether your timber is still sealed is water beading. A well-sealed timber deck will gather water droplets when it gets wet. In addition, be on the lookout for protruding nails and loose boards, which, if not taken care of, might cause injuries and accidents. 



The next step in timber care is cleaning your timber, and this is where you use the required chemicals and solutions to get rid of debris and stains. Depending on the type of wood and condition of timber, we have a range of timber cleaning solutions for all types of timber exterior at Crockers. 

First, use a powerful nozzle on a garden hose to lightly remove surface dirt and debris. Once the timber is free of debris, use a timber cleaning solution and a bristle brush to scrub out discolouration and stains. 

Once the timber has been marinating long enough in the cleaning solution, it is time to rinse the deck using a water blaster. Too much pressure can cause the grain to become exaggerated or even gouge out wood, so proceed with caution.  

Timber cleaning isn’t so much the removal of visible dirt and grime as it is the elimination of invisible microbes and mould spores. 



Before painting or staining your timber, have a think about how you want it to look. Some people opt for a natural look, whilst others want a fresh colour or deep stain. 

Over time with weathering, the colour of the timber will fade, some people will reapply a clear oil to further protect the timber whilst others may add a colourtone to reinvigorate the richness of the original timber colour.  

Cutek oils help to maintain the natural beauty of your timber because they are a clear oil. However, a colourtone can also be added to Cutek oils to change the timber’s appearance. The finished look will depend on the type and colour of the timber, a Cutek oil will enhance the strongest hues that come through on the natural wood. 

On the other hand, Haymes' Dexpress wood stain comes in a range of stunning shades, leaving you spoilt for choice, colours range from charcoals and greys to traditional browns. 

We will discuss paint or stain options with you in store to work out what product is best for your timber, now and into the future.

Stained and well-maintained timber


So when it comes to timber care, the team here at Crockers have you sorted. We hope this blog article has provided you with the knowledge you need to look after your timber properly. 

If you’re still unsure, then come and chat to one of our timber experts in store. To sweeten the deal, if you purchase a timber care product from Crockers you’ll automatically be added into our Timber Care Program. 

As part of this exclusive care plan we will follow up with you one month after purchase to check how you went and see if you have any other burning questions. The key to proper timber maintenance is consistency, and that is why we will follow up with you six months after purchase and then annually thereafter.

Think of our Timber Care program as your personal calendar to ensure you’re taking good care of your exterior timber! 

With the right timber care, your outdoor area will look healthy and maintain its value for years to come.

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