Collection: Ponds & Swimming Pools

Ponds & Swimming Pools

Collection: Ponds & Swimming Pools

Preparing your swimming pool for summer involves more than just cleaning and checking chlorine levels. At Crockers, we bring years of experience to the table when it comes to caring for and maintaining swimming pools and poolside areas, ensuring they stand the test of time. Your pool should be the pride of your home – a safe, visually appealing, and usable oasis throughout the summer. You can read more about planning ahead and getting prepared to paint your swimming pool in our Article: The Ultimate Guide preparing Your Pool For Summer

Don't fall for the misconception that chipped pool paint or cracks in the lining mean it's time to replace your pool. That's simply not the case! With a fresh coat of high-quality epoxy paint, you can breathe new life into your swimming pool. And if you're looking to take it a step further and upgrade your poolside area, explore our fantastic non-slip paints that can easily refresh the safety and aesthetics of your pool surroundings.

Make sure you have the correct application tools for when you paint your swimming pool. Visit our Ponds & Pools Accessories Collection to get everything you need for the best finish.


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  1. Pool Care
  2. Pools Previously Coated With Epoxy
  3. Fibreglass Pools
  4. Marblesheen & Quartzon Pools
  5. New Cement Pools
  6. Old Unpainted Cement Rendered Pools
  7. Pebblecrete Surface Pools
  8. NB Pools Previously Paint With Chlorinated Rubber: you must use Chlorinated Rubber please call us.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

Some wallpapers are made for painting over and others should be removed prior to painting. If wallpaper will not come off the wall and is not lifting at the seams, and in good condition, we would suggest sanding the wall first and applying an undercoat to assist adhesion. Using an undercoat first will also cover the colour. You can then apply your chosen wall paint. If in doubt, ask us.

Can I Paint Over Tiles?

Yes you can but with the correct products and with proper preparation. We would suggest speaking with our team about the steps to take and the products to use. Adhesion of the undercoats are imperative for a succesful result. Ask us!

How Do I Check If I Have Water Based or Oil Based Paint On My Surfaces?

Grab some Methylated Spirits (Metho) and using a clean cloth, wet the cloth with metho and rub the surface. If you can rub some of the paint off that means it's water based. If you can't then it means it is oil based. If you can't get a result, then as our Crocker's saying goes: "When in doubt, undercoat it!"

Do I Need To Clean Mould Off Before I paint?

Yes you do. Mould is unhealthy for the paint and for us humans as well so it must go! Bleach can whiten the surface but it doesn't kill mould spores. We will recommend a mould killer that will kill the mould overnight. The mould can then be removed by rinsing. If mould stains are still present we might suggest you undercoat with an oil based undercoat before applying your top coat. Bring in some photos and ask us!