Collection: Floor Paint, Paving Paint & Concrete Paint For Driveways

Floor Paint, Paving Paint & Concrete Paint For Driveways

Collection: Floor Paint, Paving Paint & Concrete Paint For Driveways

Transform your outdoor spaces with Crockers Paint & Wallpaper's quality concrete paint and paving paint products.

Whether you're looking to breathe new life into a faded driveway, paving, walkway, or garage floor, or timber walkway, our range of high-quality Australian-made concrete and paving paints and sealers has you covered.

Discover the power of easy maintenance and longevity with our expert advice and top-notch products. Crockers empowers DIY enthusiasts to take charge of their projects, providing all the tools and guidance needed for a successful concrete makeover. Our paints and sealers are not only durable but also designed for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, ensuring your surfaces can be walked and driven on with confidence.

What sets us apart? By choosing to do it yourself, you can complete most projects for $500 or less. The best part? The value you add to your home by painting your concrete driveway can be worth thousands of dollars.  Be the most pristine home in the street, and protect your investment with Crockers. Your journey to a stunning, painted concrete surface begins with our trusted expertise and premium Australian-made paint products. Get the right products and get great results the first time! Crockers Paint & Wallpaper, where quality meets DIY simplicity.

Do you have another walk on surface to paint? You can paint timber too! Some of these products can be used on timber ramps or jetties. Ask us about the non slip paving paints and finishes that are designed for wet areas eg around your swimming pool!

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Watch Video On How To Use Haymes Paveshield On A Faded Concrete Driveway (Long)

Watch Short Video On How To Use Haymes Paveshield On A Faded Concrete Driveway

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

Some wallpapers are made for painting over and others should be removed prior to painting. If wallpaper will not come off the wall and is not lifting at the seams, and in good condition, we would suggest sanding the wall first and applying an undercoat to assist adhesion. Using an undercoat first will also cover the colour. You can then apply your chosen wall paint. If in doubt, ask us.

Can I Paint Over Tiles?

Yes you can but with the correct products and with proper preparation. We would suggest speaking with our team about the steps to take and the products to use. Adhesion of the undercoats are imperative for a succesful result. Ask us!

How Do I Check If I Have Water Based or Oil Based Paint On My Surfaces?

Grab some Methylated Spirits (Metho) and using a clean cloth, wet the cloth with metho and rub the surface. If you can rub some of the paint off that means it's water based. If you can't then it means it is oil based. If you can't get a result, then as our Crocker's saying goes: "When in doubt, undercoat it!"

Do I Need To Clean Mould Off Before I paint?

Yes you do. Mould is unhealthy for the paint and for us humans as well so it must go! Bleach can whiten the surface but it doesn't kill mould spores. We will recommend a mould killer that will kill the mould overnight. The mould can then be removed by rinsing. If mould stains are still present we might suggest you undercoat with an oil based undercoat before applying your top coat. Bring in some photos and ask us!